choosing a safe to protect from fire and waterchoosing a safe to protect from fire and water

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choosing a safe to protect from fire and water

Do you have a safe in your home? If so, will that safe keep your important documents and precious items safe in the event of a fire? I bought a safe thinking that it would protect all of the things kept inside from damage if the house was ever to go up in flames. I sure was wrong. Not only was everything ruined from the flames, but the water that the fire department used to put the fire out also invaded the safe and caused even further damage. That was when I started learning about choosing a safe that is truly going to keep the contents safe from fire and water damage.

4 Tips To Help You Prepare For Moving Into A New Home

Once you buy a new home, it is time to prepare it for you and your family. Preparation is more than just packing up your old home and moving into the new. You have to take steps to ensure that it is safe. Here are some tasks to add to your to-do list for your home.

Get a Security Assessment

Contact a locksmith like The Lock Shop and schedule a security assessment. In the excitement of having a new home, little steps, such as having all of the locks re-keyed, can be forgotten. The locksmith can not only change out your locks, but can make suggestions about other things you can do to secure your home. For instance, even if your home is equipped with a security system, it might be time to consider getting an upgrade.

Have Your Mechanical Equipment Serviced

Mechanical equipment, such as your central heating and air system, needs to be thoroughly inspected and serviced. During the home inspection, the inspector was limited on how thorough of an inspection he or she could conduct. By having the equipment inspected now, you can find any problems that were not discovered in the inspection and arrange to have them fixed. This can help you avoid a tough winter or summer without heat or air.

Schedule a Pest Control Assessment

Just because you do not see any bugs, does not mean there are none present. An inspection by a licensed pest control specialist can help you uncover any hidden problems before they become a huge nuisance. The inspection is especially important because the specialist can inspect your home for termites, which can cause serious structural damage to your home. You can also set up a schedule with the specialist for regular visits in the future.

Familiarize Yourself With the Breaker Box and Water Valve

You can never be too prepared for the unexpected. In the event that an emergency occurs that calls for you to turn off the water or the electrical power to an appliance, you need to know where the circuit breaker box or main water valve is in a hurry. You also need to take the time to learn what each switch is for in your breaker box. Place labels next to each switch so you know automatically which controls the power to each appliance.

Moving is a big adventure that requires a lot of time and preparation. Fortunately, once it is over, you and your family can take time and enjoy your new home.