choosing a safe to protect from fire and waterchoosing a safe to protect from fire and water

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choosing a safe to protect from fire and water

Do you have a safe in your home? If so, will that safe keep your important documents and precious items safe in the event of a fire? I bought a safe thinking that it would protect all of the things kept inside from damage if the house was ever to go up in flames. I sure was wrong. Not only was everything ruined from the flames, but the water that the fire department used to put the fire out also invaded the safe and caused even further damage. That was when I started learning about choosing a safe that is truly going to keep the contents safe from fire and water damage.

Moving into a New Home? Three Ways to Maximize Security in Its Current State

Although the process of buying a home may be a little stressful, the second it is confirmed that you will be the homeowner is when you can start celebrating. This is the perfect time to start making plans for what you should do to the property before moving in or as soon as you get settled in. For instance, you might not want start undertaking large remodeling projects, but a few changes or additions could be fine. Read More 

Safe And Sound: 3 Steps To Protect Your Family And Your Home

With crime on the rise in some areas of the US, it's important for homeowners to do everything they can to secure their homes. If you own a home, it's up to you to make security a priority. Securing your home will protect you and your family from crime. Home security doesn't have to cost a lot of money either. Here are three simple ways you can make your home more secure. Read More 

Security Tips For Small Businesses

For thieves, would-be vandals, and other unsavory characters, a small business can look like easy pickings. Since these people don't invest in security features, but try to circumvent them instead, they tend to believe that small businesses can't afford to be secure. That makes it more important than ever for a small business to take serious security measures. Just a few simple steps can help improve the level of security around your business and ward off would-be thieves. Read More 

3 Places To Keep A Spare Car Key

Locking yourself out of your vehicle can be the perfect way to ruin an otherwise good day. Even though there are great locksmiths out there that can help you get into your car, dealing with this type of aggravation -- not to mention the cost -- can put a big damper on things. This is why it's smart to go ahead and have extra car keys made for your vehicle, if you haven't already. Read More 

The Benefits Of Magnetic Cam Locks

Magnetic key locks are a newer option that can provide your home with a much greater level of security than you would receive from a traditional lock. The unique characteristic of the magnetic cam lock is that it uses magnets; rather than a traditional key, the door is unlocked with a magnet. Relies On Magnetism Rather Than Mechanical Locking Forces The lock cannot be opened simply by a plain magnet. There are multiple types of magnets placed within the key with varying positions. Read More